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Work Stuff

I'm an electronics engineer. From 2000 until 2010 I designed RF chips to go into mobile phones (cellphones).

I was able to write one paper on my work:
ISSCC 2007 paper 19.1 Direct-Conversion WCDMA Transmitter with 163dBc/Hz Noise at 190MHz Offset
(online abstract) (Full Text PDF) (Slides PDF)

Although I don't like the patent system, I am named as an inventor in few patents.

Some of the chips for which I designed circuitry include the AD6541, AD6547, MT6160 and MT6161 and ADF4602


Getting Kicad PCBs manufactured by Lintek

Hobby Electronics Stuff

Here is my 555 contest entry.
Here's a video of a magnetic levitation circuit that I built.
Here is a video of a Lorenz Attractor circuit that I found on the internet and built (and another copy of that video).
Here is a video about the electrostatic experiments that can be done with MOS input op-amps.


Here are some of my photos on Flickr.


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