Submitting Kicad PCB designs to be manufactured by Lintek

Here is Lintek's website:

Lintek requested that my files should contain the finished hole sizes, rather than the drill sizes. They can do the calculations to determine the actual drill sizes. (Their process puts a more uniform, thicker layer of copper into the holes, so the amount of enlargement required may differ from other PCB manufacturers.) They stock metric drills in increments of 50 microns.

I did not rename any of the gerber files, they were happy with the names that Kicad produced.

I ordered a panel, which gives 17x23 inches of usable space, with 0.1" minimum between boards, They also have a Mini-prototype service for smaller quantities. The PCBs turned out very well.

The Kicad settings I used are as shown below:

Soldermask dialog box
plot setup dialog box
drill setup dialog box